Little Letters Part I

4 08 2009

I would like to start a part of this blog titled “Little Letters” which is based on an awesome idea from Taza over at rockstar diaries.

Dear Rain,
Thanks for choosing mid-day to fall as opposed to either of my commute times.  It makes my work day just a bit better.  And I must say, you are looking very pretty today.

Dear Husband,
Thanks for your awesome patience, listening, and compromise skills this morning.
A few of the many, many things I love about you!

Dear Muscles,
Please understand that I’m working on being fit so exercise is just a part of the picture from now on.  Now would be a good time to just accept that and stop being mad at me.

Dear Mom,
Thanks for the chats on the phone while I drive to and from work.  It’s nice to talk with you and it helps the time pass so much more quickly.

Dear Apples,
I mostly forgot how much I love you.  Could you please gather a bunch of your friends and family and be in the organic section next time?  Or maybe we could meet at the Farmer’s Market?

Dear August,
Now I know it’s tempting to become all hot and humid, but don’t you think it would actually be a lot lovlier if you just didn’t?  Go ask July, she knows what I’m talking about.

Dear Couscous,
I really like you, and I think you would make a fine addition to our little family, but Eric seems set against you.  Ah well, we’ll always have weekday lunches.

Dear Laundry,
We have a date tonight.  You, me, and the All Free n’ Clear.




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