Little Letters Part II

15 08 2009

Dear Headscarves,
I’m sorry that I forgot how cute you make me feel.  Let’s take our relationship to the next level, shall we?

Dear Vacation,
I am so excited for you to visit!  I hope the time Eric and I spend with you will prove to be refreshing.

Dear Dust Bunnies,
You better enjoy the next few hours, because you are meeting your doom quite soon.

Dear Husband,
Just so you know, it makes me giggle when you snore in my ear.  Then I always nudge you to make said snoring stop.

Dear Mailperson,
Please stop accidently leaving our mailbox door open.  It’s really not that difficult to shut.  That extra miniscule effort would make all the difference to us, thanks.

Dear Fruits,
You are all so amazing, I don’t know why  Eric and I never hung out with you much before.  Maybe some day we can aspire to have such a great friendship with Veggies (though this is doubtful).

Dear Dad,
Congrats on your lasik surgery!  I hope very soon you are able to see quite well.  It’s great that you had the guts to do exactly what you’ve wanted for so many years.

Dear Rice Milk,
You are much better than I thought you would be!  I’ll probably meet up with you again soon.  Though what is it with you not being fat free?




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