Mini-Vacation Part I

22 08 2009

This week we went on a “mini-vacation” to Kansas City and Warrensburg.  We needed to take a break and escape the craziness of life a bit before Eric starts back to school very soon.  We had a splendid time!  And here’s the pictures!

First, we took our Mini Cooper to the dealer for a check up.  Eric loved admiring all of the shiny cars, and I must admit that I rather enjoyed looking at all of the Minis as well.  We then spotted a Krispy Kreme across from the dealership.  Which lead to this….

And even a health nut like me needs to take a break for a Krispy Kreme once in a while.  Let me tell you, they were worth every calorie!

That afternoon we enjoyed the Plaza.  Eric was in heaven at the Mac Store and I enjoyed looking around at Urban Outfitters.  I even found a book that will hopefully prove useful in my quest of becoming a better photographer!  (Click: The Ultimate Photography Guide for Generation Now by Charlie Styr and Marie Wakem)

Later that evening we headed back to Warrensburg and stayed with my parents.  We ate, watched Pure Luck and had fruity milkshakes.  (Yum!)  The next day the weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed being lazy in our pjs outside on the porch swing and hammock.

We were also visited by the friendly neighborhood hummingbirds!  They are very entertaining to watch.

More pictures in the next post!

Note:  All vacation pictures can be accessed via my new Flickr account.  The Mini-Vacation set can be found by clicking here.




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