Mini-Vacation Part III

22 08 2009

Eric loves lots of manly things: tractors, jets, helicopters, and trains.  Since he loves trains so much we decided to take a trip over to the Warrensburg train depot and wait for one to pass by.

After a long while of waiting, staring in the distance and even putting pennies on the tracks, we finally heard the whistle.  Eric’s face lit up like it was Christmas.  Mom and I got a huge kick out of him being so very happy.

Eric waved to the engineer, who waved back!

Once we saw the train and found one of our smashed pennies we quickly went to the Cockrell Mercantile. My mom, Eric and I love going to that place when we can and would probably spend way too much time and money there if we had it.  It’s an adorable place where there are always plenty of unique things around.  (Made a little purchase there and might share that here once we have it displayed properly.)

Then we travelled back home.  It was a lovely mini-vacation.  Makes us look forward to our next one!

And thanks again Mom and Dad for letting us crash at your place and hang out with you.  We loved every moment!  And Mom, thanks for being our photographer, you did a great job!

Final Note:  All Mini-Vacation pictures can be found here.  (Since I am now storing our larger sets of pictures on Flickr, I must always link back to them.  Which may prove convenient, as it provides a good way to organize the pictures.)




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