Our Friend, The Praying Mantis

23 08 2009

One evening as we were out and about a praying mantis affixed itself on the roof of our Mini Cooper.  Now I’ll just confess this now, Eric and I really don’t like bugs.  So we kept a safe distance away while being in wonder that a praying mantis showed up in the middle of a Best Buy parking lot only to chill out on our little car.  Eventually, we scooted Mr. Mantis to the hood of our car in hopes that he would fly away as we travelled to the dreaded store that begins with a “W”.  When we reached our destination we were intrigued to find that Mr. Mantis has not gone very far, he had wrapped himself around our antenna!

He just loved riding on the Mini Cooper!  We then headed to Target, and all the while Mr. Mantis accompanied us.  Eric and I thought it was pretty funny, but admittedly we were still not over the creeps which we get when around any kind of insect.  We were relieved when we saw that Mr. Mantis went on his merry little way by the time we wanted to leave.

It was fun being so close to the random Mr. Mantis and it would be great to encounter him again.  The best part, though, was Eric mimicking what Mr. Mantis wanted to say to us!




2 responses

23 08 2009

That’s so funny that he went all over town with you! I just love how they aren’t skiddish at all.

23 08 2009
Kara "Sky" McGinty

I know, it was such a surprise!

And thanks for being the first comment on our blog!

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