Bikes of Our Dreams

30 08 2009

Today Eric and I went out and about.  We looked around two local bike shops just for fun.  We’ve been dreaming of someday getting cruiser bikes for weekend and neighborhood use.  We’ve found a brand of bikes that we like the looks of: Electra.

So if we had the time and lifestyle to actually use bikes these are the ones we’d pick (at least for today)…

Eric’s pick would be the Vince 3i.  He likes how sturdy it looks and how it reminds him of the build of a motorcycle.

Electra Vince 3i

And of course I can’t pick just one!  They’re all just so pretty!
Any of these would be amazing!

I like the Super Deluxe 3i and it’s light aqua color, curves and rear rack.

Electra Super Deluxe 3i

And the Navy 3i is just adorable.  I dig that deeper blue and it even has grip tassels!

Electra Navy 3i

Lastly, the Deluxe 3i is a great fire truck red and quite lovely.

Electra Deluxe 3i

So those are our dream bikes!  Wonder if we’ll really dream about them tonight.




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