Our New Typewriter and Friend

6 09 2009

Yesterday, a new friend came to stay with me and Eric.
Her name is Nancy Griffin and she is the cutest little 50-year old manual, portable typewriter you have ever seen.

Details on Nancy:
Specifically, she is an Underwood-Olivetti Lettera 22.  That means that she was designed by Italian Designer Marcello Nizzoli who was a very influential designer in the 1930’s through the 1950’s.  My source for this information, MyTypewriter.com, also says of her, “The Lettera 22 is typical of his work: functional, muted, yet with clear sculptured lines-punctuated by the single red tab key. In 1954, it won the inaugural Compasso d’Oro Award, the pre-eminent Italian design award.”

And well, I already love her and she’s a blast to type on.

Here’s her “ride” or case, if you will.

And here’s the origin of her name.
On her underside “Nancy Griffin” is written in red fingernail polish.
Three times, actually.

I saw that Nancy wrote a letter last night, introducing herself.  So here it is!

I think Nancy might just get a regular spot here on the Muse and Murse.  We’re still in discussions.  She has already nabbed a starring role in one of our photo sets over in Flickr.  All things Nancy Griffin will have a home here.




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