Labor Day Fun-ness

13 09 2009

On Labor Day we headed over to Warrensburg for a relaxing day.  We were hoping that we’d see a few trains for Eric too.

So after a great snack Eric hopped on my dad’s scooter (The Stormtrooper) and followed me and my parents in the car to the train depot.

Once at the depot we waited for quite some time.  While waiting, I decided to start climbing things.

And we waited at the depot a while longer.

Then we all journeyed over to another spot to wait for the train.  We hung out under the shade of a huge tree in the grass.

We had a good time, but the only train we got to see was an Amtrak.  We were out there for cargo trains so it was a slight letdown.  But we were determined, so we tried again later that evening.

So after one more Amtrak, a cargo train full of automobiles finally came!

We were glad that we tried again and waited.  Eric’s face lighting up makes it all worth it.

It was a good day.  Nothing beats relaxing, spending time with family, and enjoying the beautiful weather outside.

Note:  All our little “vacation” pictures can be found in this set on Flickr.




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