Fun Weekend Finds

20 09 2009

I recently located a used bookstore list, so I’ve been hoping to visit one or two here and there just to see what neat places are in town.  With that in mind, this Saturday Mom and I ventured to a couple of places we had never been before.  One was a used bookstore, Adams Walls of Books, and the other was an antique-type store, The Marketplace.  I was rather intrigued by Adams Walls of Books, a store which is only open for three hours a week.  I definitely intend on returning there next time I’m in search of an older print of a book.  But we enjoyed looking around both places and we even found a few fun things!

Mom and I are always suckers for children’s books.  But we are especially huge suckers for children’s books with adorable, retro illustrations!  We couldn’t pass up these inexpensive, unique finds…

Not only was this book cute, it also had a female snowplow main character, Katy.  I was pleased with the break from the traditional: truck/working vehicle = male character.

And who could resist this Gingerbread Man?!

We had seen this book in hardcover at Barnes and Noble for a pretty penny and we were even tempted to purchase it then.  But finding a used, paperback copy for $3 was an easy buy.  The simple illustrations are just lovely.

And this book we purchased with Eric in mind.  Gotta love trains with faces on them (pre-Thomas the Tank Engine)!

This final find is not a book, it’s an old egg carton.  I just fell in love with the colors and characters.  Still brainstorming on how to use this…contemplating decorating a container of some kind.

Total, this was all $20, about the price you would pay for a brand new children’s book at Barnes & Noble.  I’m thrilled with our finds!

Note:  All of the pictures can be found on my Flickr Photostream.




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27 09 2009
Bookstore Adventure « Muse and Murse

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27 09 2009

oh my goodness! I had that Katy Snowplow book when I was little! Wow! I totally forgot about that book until I saw this! I wish I knew where all my childhood books went… 😦

2 10 2009
Kara "Sky" McGinty

That’s rather a coincidence! 🙂 It’s such an adorable book, with unique illustrations.

And thanks for checking out the blog! Hope your week has been a great one!

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