Second Day of Fall: Haircuts, Food, and Magazines

26 09 2009

Wednesday this week my mom came to town and I took a long lunch to spend time with her.

First, we went to get our hair cut at the salon I frequent.  I got a much-needed trim and some layers in my long hair and Mom got a new, stylish ‘do.  We felt like queens once we left there.

Then we went to Arris’ Cafe and International Market to eat.  It’s a gorgeous little cafe that also sells all types of Greek market items.  Our food was delicious, and lovely as well.

Our tummies were happy and quite full once we left there.

Then we rushed over to the downtown area and went to Downtown Book & Toy.  We oohed and aahed over all of the cute kids books and toys.  Luckily, we only left the store with a few magazines.

We had a blast spending a few hours together enjoying the second day of Fall.  The weather was perfect, as was our hair.  (Haha!)  It was most definitely a great day.




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