Bookstore Adventure

27 09 2009

This afternoon I went to check out local used bookstores for what in my head was the “Columbia Bookstore Tour of Amazingness”.  Nevermind that I only made it to two of my intended three or four stops.  I still had a grand ol’ time!

First, I traveled to Adam’s Walls of Books (I’ve already been there before, and I wrote about that visit here).  The owner told me last weekend that they had a Ralph Waldo Emerson book somewhere and that she’d give me a call if she found it (since I was searching high and low for an Emerson book).  Well she called me just as I was headed out the door to visit her shop again today!  I was stoked to get my mitts on that Emerson book!  Of course, I imagined it to be in a pristine, leather bound edition for only $5…(Haha!)  Well, it wasn’t that pretty, but it was a hardcover and a good collection of Emerson’s works for $8, so I took it.  There’s a clear plastic cover over the dust jacket, so it’s actually nicer than it appears.  And the book is in good condition to boot.

Once I got the Emerson book, I almost immediately stumbled over the cutest 50’s kids book ever.  I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed it the weekend before.  It’s a Golden Book, but it’s a different shape and thicker than most, and it has a good amount of stories in it with super adorable illustrations to match!

(Click the picture of the illustrations below for a larger version.)

After that, I asked the owner if I could take pictures of her store and she gave permission.  So I walked around looking at various things, taking pictures of the signs and the interestingly set up shelves.

I paid for my two new/old books with a promise that I will return sometime and I headed on to the next bookstore, Columbia Books.  This one I had never been to.

Inside I was greeted by rows and rows of used books in excellent condition, a fluffy, laid-back cat named Fred (nevermind that he attempted to bite me), and extremely nice workers (people who I assumed were also the owners, but I could be wrong).

While perusing their shelves I ran across one books by one of my favorite authors, Calvin Miller, and a book of his that I had never heard of before.  I already owned the first book of a trilogy, evidently.  It was great to accidentally run into the second book in the series.

I clutched my newfound book and slowly explored most of the bookstore.  It really was the best used bookstore I have ever seen.  A great variety of books which were in the best of shape.  As I bought the book I spoke with the workers and explained my tour I was on and how much I adored their store.  They were very kind and also allowed me to take the pictures I’m putting in this post, and even suggested featuring Fred the Cat.  As I left I told them I’d most definitely be back.

I had a blast today searching through rows and rows of books, talking with nice book-people, and enjoying the perfect fall weather with a bit of rain.  And I’m looking forward to visiting these stores again sometime!

Note:  All bookstore adventure and book pictures can be found in a set on my Flickr page here.




6 responses

27 09 2009
Jess Tankersley

Hey Kara! Thanks for the comment on my blog! Comments are the best, right? You and your husband seem totally awesome. This post made me wish that I had all day to spend in a bookstore! Hope you have an awesome day…and know that I will checking back on this blog often.

2 10 2009
Kara "Sky" McGinty

And thank YOU for the comment here! Aw, thanks for the compliment! 🙂

Ah yes, I’d so live in a bookstore if that were possible…haha!

Hope your week has gone well, friend!

27 09 2009

Bookstores are a little version of heaven on earth I think. I love love love then 🙂 Thank you for always sharing such awesome inspo 🙂

2 10 2009
Kara "Sky" McGinty

Janel, you totally rock for coming and checking out my little ol’ blog! I don’t see how you have the time between all of your amazing projects (and now conquering the granny squares)!

Bookstores are rather like heaven, aren’t they? I hope there are books in Heaven… 🙂

Thanks for saying “hi”! Hope to inspire you again soon!

24 10 2009
Susan Reindel

I loved this post about your adventures in bookstores…I loved the pictures too! I haven’t been to Adam’s books. I definitely need to go sometime!

25 10 2009
Kara "Sky" McGinty

Oh man, I can never get enough adventures in bookstores! 🙂

If you do go to Adam’s books, be sure you are aware of the very few hours it’s actually open!

Thanks for commenting, Susan! Hope you return to read more!

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