Little Letters Part III

9 10 2009

Dear McCann’s Irish Oatmeal,
Thanks for always being smooth, friendly, and warm, especially now that the Autumn chill has arrived.  You always hit the spot.

Dear Sun,
I miss spending more time with you.  Do you really have to leave so soon these days?

Dear “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,”
Eric and I really enjoyed watching you the other evening.  You are so cute and funny I think we both sat there the whole time with smiles plastered on our faces.

Dear October,
What’s with all of the coldness?!  Is there an identity crisis going on here?  Are you and November trading personalities or something?

Dear Husband,
I cannot even begin to say how much I appreciate the help in cleaning up the house this week.  You rock my socks off!  No, really, I’m not even wearing socks right now.

Dear SBU,
Hope you have an excellent Homecoming weekend!  Go Bearcats!

Dear Electric Fireplace,
You and I will spend a lot of quality time together this weekend, just a heads up.

Dear Columbus Day,
It beats me how you managed to give me a whole day off work, but I’m quite thankful for it.  Now to figure out how to best spend that day…

Dear Crafting Projects,
We will work together again soon, this is a promise.  In fact, we might meet with the Electric Fireplace tonight since he’s just so nice.




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