MuteMath Concert

25 10 2009

The MuteMath concert we went to Friday was amazing.  We were expecting a good time, but we were blown away by some of the ways the band presented their songs.  Audience participation, lighting variations, crowd surfing, and acrobatics were just a few things worth mentioning.  Even the warm-up band, As Tall As Lions, was great.  We snagged their latest CD there and we are quite enjoying it.

So without further ado, here are some of the many pictures we took.  (A couple of videos may be forthcoming as well.)  This post is rather “picture heavy.”

We were sitting down as As Tall As Lions performed, so I’m afraid this is the best picture we captured.

For all of the MuteMath pictures, just click for a larger image.

That is Paul Meany (lead singer, keyboard, keytar) doing a somersault over his keyboard!

That bass drum would light up when it was hit.

That’s Darren King (drummer) playing his bass drum on top of the keyboard.

Here’s Darren crowd surfing on his drum!

So now we are both concert veterans!  Eric seems to have it in his blood now and is searching for new concerts to attend in the future.  Presently, though, we are getting pumped for the MAE concert we will be going to this Tuesday!

Note:  All pictures can be found in our new “Concert” set on Flickr, by clicking here.

Update:  We did not end up attending the MAE concert because we didn’t think it wise once we saw the (scary) area it was in.  We are still sad that we missed MAE, but we are looking forward to the next chance to see them!




2 responses

25 10 2009

Wow that looks like it was an amazing concert! Was that at the Blue Note?

25 10 2009
Kara "Sky" McGinty

Oh yeah, it was great! Nope, not the Blue Note. It was in St. Louis at The Pageant.

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