The Week of Card Making

28 11 2009

This past week was a busy card-making one!

Eric’s parents celebrated their 35th Anniversary, so an anniversary card was needed.

This first picture was in process, after I cut all of the numbers out.

And here’s the finished product.  (The glue wasn’t the noticeable, it just glared with the flash.)

His parent’s anniversary is also his mother’s birthday.  So I made a birthday card.

Check out the flower print I used as a candle on the piece of cake, it seemed like the ideal finishing touch.

And finally, I made a card for Eric’s brother and sister-in-law since they hosted the Thanksgiving dinner this year.  (And again, the glue dried clear and was not that noticeable.  Not the best picture, but oh well.)

So those are the cards that I made this week.  Probably going to take a bit of a break from card making so I can focus more on writing.  It’ll be enough of a challenge to send Christmas cards to everyone, I can’t imagine if I spent hours upon hours hand making them all.  It’s good to be realistic.

Note:  All pictures can be found on our Flickr photostream.
(And for all of the above pictures, click on them to be taken to the original picture page and then click “All Sizes” under the title for different sizes.)




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