The Adventures of the Ploxen and the Return of the Plooster

1 02 2010

Our corner of town evidently attracts strange types of animals.  What kinds of animals, you ask?  Well, plastic ones.

Case-in-point Number 1: The Ploxen

Meet George and Larry.

Larry (the one on the right) is a joker and a ham while George (on the left) is kind of the straight man.  They are closely related to the common ox (plural “oxen”), but since they are made of plastic they are, in fact, Ploxen (pronounced just like “oxen”).

Ploxen are natural protectors and tend to be as faithful as Horton himself.  Eric and I are lucky to have such great neighbors to the East.  They are committed guardians of their covered wagon and all the traffic that passes by.  (Though I have a sneaking suspicion that in the middle of the night they climb in there and watch a movie or two on television.)

I met the Ploxen by chance when road renovations changed my route to work for an entire year.  Seeing George and Larry there in the morning and evening always managed to bring a smile to my face, no matter how bad the road conditions at the time were.  Since then, our roads have been fixed and I practically never see good ol’ George and Larry.  Though, I think of them time to time and even drive by to visit on rare occasions.  And seeing them still makes me smile.

Case-in-point Number 2: The Plooster

Meet Sunny.

He is our friendly neighborhood Plooster.  Like the Ploxen being closely related to oxen, Ploosters are close cousins to average roosters.  But once again, being plastic is what sets Ploosters apart.

When we moved into this part of town we immediately noticed Sunny.  He has a bright and cheery personality which makes him stand out among his drab surroundings.  But within just a few months (perhaps due to the crazy road construction, once again) Sunny left us.  He has told me that during that time he went for an extended vacation down to Acapulco, Mexico to visit a distant relative.  I doubt that he needed the distant relative for an excuse to get away from the crazy road work to go lounge on the beach, but that’s beside the point.  When we noticed that Sunny the Plooster was gone we were deeply saddened.  Every time we drove past his old spot we would mention how we missed him.

[Cars are shown to illustrate Sunny’s large size.]

But…Eric was thrilled to notice that Sunny had returned last week!  And he’s all rested up and as shiny and as cheery as ever!  Admittedly, for the longest time we used to call Sunny a Plicken (like “chicken”) but my dad recently corrected that huge mistake.  Good thing, too, we wouldn’t want to upset Sunny and give him another excuse to leave us.

Now all is right with the world, with the Ploxen to our East and the Plooster to our West.  Perhaps our neck of the woods will attract some more plastic animals soon!  We can only hope…

*Note: The creative rights and credit of the names Plicken, Ploxen, and Plooster belong to my dad.




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