Little Letters Part VI

5 03 2010

Dear March,
Welcome!  May your weather be warm and your days bright, and may Spring grace us with her beautiful flight.

Dear Vintage Camera,
I hope your journey has been a good one across the ocean from Spain, and that it ends quite soon at my front porch so we can finally meet in person and become great friends.

Dear Green,
You are almost my favorite color.  It certainly is a tight race between you and good ol’ Blue.  Blue has been up there by himself for nearly two decades, so there is something to be said for your climb up the color favoritism charts.  Perhaps you two can share the ever so coveted title of “Favorite”.

Dear Weekend,
We are going to have a good time together.  Hopefully some extreme productivity, sunshine and fun will be involved.

Dear Sidestiches,
Put bluntly, I hope to never encounter you again.  You might think your little un-invited pain parties you have in my side while I’m running are cute and funny, but they most definitely are not.

Dear Pancakes,
Why do you have to be so amazingly tasty?  And why, oh, why, did they come out with a spray version of you that is also organic?  Even Eric’s diet pancakes rock.  So cool, so irresistible.




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