Valentine’s Pictures

21 02 2010

Here are some random pictures from Valentine’s Day celebrations at our home.  All of which somewhat pertain to food…

Here was our table setting for Valentine’s Day:

And here are some of the foods Mom fixed for us the day before V-Day:

I hope your Valentine’s Day was a great one!  Love from the Muse and Murse!


Christmas Cookie Adventures

27 12 2009

While visiting my parents over Christmas we made some Christmas cookies along with the crazy video below…

And here are a few pictures of us making the cookies!

We had tons of fun in our Santa and Reindeer hats and our Christmas-y colors!

A few more Christmas time pictures are on the way!

Thanksgiving Pictures

6 12 2009

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving over at Eric’s brother and sister-in-law’s home.  It was us, Eric’s brother and sister-in-law, two of their kiddos, Eric’s parents and my parents.  There was tons of good food and lots of laughter.

After eating it was rather entertaining to just watch the kiddos and relax.

And Eric brought over one of his train magazines to show Skyler.  It was very cute to watch him be so intent on the trains!

These are just a few of the pictures that I took.  There are some more over at this set on Flickr.

Good Week, Now on to the Weekend!

20 11 2009

This week has been a rather eventful one.  Tuesday I was given a surprise promotion and raise at work.  Happy news!  Also, that same day was our 17th month-versary on the 17th.  We won’t see such a fun date for another 16 years.

We figured those two things were more than enough reason for us to go out to eat to celebrate.  And let me tell you, that promotion tasted really good!

Thursday my parents came over and we ate out for lunch with Eric.  After that Mom and I got haircuts.  Getting a nice trim always makes a girl feel special, with the exception of all of those itchy, little hairs that get stuck on your shirt.

It’s been a good week, now on to the weekend!  Hopefully I’ll get some cleaning and creative juices flowing to turn our apartment into a simple Christmas retreat.  Also would like to make time for Thanksgiving card creations, letter responses, blogging, reading, and story brainstorming.  Whew!

Hope your weekend is a happy and productive one!

Second Day of Fall: Haircuts, Food, and Magazines

26 09 2009

Wednesday this week my mom came to town and I took a long lunch to spend time with her.

First, we went to get our hair cut at the salon I frequent.  I got a much-needed trim and some layers in my long hair and Mom got a new, stylish ‘do.  We felt like queens once we left there.

Then we went to Arris’ Cafe and International Market to eat.  It’s a gorgeous little cafe that also sells all types of Greek market items.  Our food was delicious, and lovely as well.

Our tummies were happy and quite full once we left there.

Then we rushed over to the downtown area and went to Downtown Book & Toy.  We oohed and aahed over all of the cute kids books and toys.  Luckily, we only left the store with a few magazines.

We had a blast spending a few hours together enjoying the second day of Fall.  The weather was perfect, as was our hair.  (Haha!)  It was most definitely a great day.

Eric’s Birthday Bash

17 09 2009

Our families all came together for Eric’s birthday.  His parents, brother and sister-in-law, along with their kiddos, and my parents.

First we ate and gave Eric his gifts at Red Lobster.

My parents gave Eric a train magazine as his birthday card.  Skyler loves trains so he liked looking at all of the pretty pictures along with Uncle Eric.

Lobster hands!

After eating we headed back to our place and made some scrumptious spice cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

I gave Eric a handmade cupcake card.  Seems to be a pretty good likeness of the real thing!

Eric said that he really enjoyed his party!  And I think everyone else had a good time too.