Little Letters Part VI

5 03 2010

Dear March,
Welcome!  May your weather be warm and your days bright, and may Spring grace us with her beautiful flight.

Dear Vintage Camera,
I hope your journey has been a good one across the ocean from Spain, and that it ends quite soon at my front porch so we can finally meet in person and become great friends.

Dear Green,
You are almost my favorite color.  It certainly is a tight race between you and good ol’ Blue.  Blue has been up there by himself for nearly two decades, so there is something to be said for your climb up the color favoritism charts.  Perhaps you two can share the ever so coveted title of “Favorite”.

Dear Weekend,
We are going to have a good time together.  Hopefully some extreme productivity, sunshine and fun will be involved.

Dear Sidestiches,
Put bluntly, I hope to never encounter you again.  You might think your little un-invited pain parties you have in my side while I’m running are cute and funny, but they most definitely are not.

Dear Pancakes,
Why do you have to be so amazingly tasty?  And why, oh, why, did they come out with a spray version of you that is also organic?  Even Eric’s diet pancakes rock.  So cool, so irresistible.


Little Letters Part V

12 01 2010

Dear January,
I understand how you have a cold-hearted nature, but please, could you keep it at least in the upper 20’s? Winter in Missouri should not feel like winter in North Dakota, Canada, or Iowa for that matter.

Dear Desk,
I’m looking forward to you coming to stay with us once again. My apologies for thinking that I didn’t need you over the last few months, but hopefully you had a fine time during your holiday with my parents. May our friendship pick up right where it left off.

Dear Sherlock Holmes,
You alluded us last night, but we will catch you this week if it’s the last thing we do! Mwahaha!

Dear Eric’s Final Semester of Undergrad,
Don’t take this too personally, but you appear rather demanding and not much fun at all. We hope Eric’s partnership with you will be as quick and as painless as possible. Our friend Summer keeps begging us to visit, but we have to spend our alotted time with you first.

Dear Avatar,
I find it funny how people have compared you to the Ferngully. But, they are rather mistaken, you really are much better than that. You see, Ferngully’s musical numbers were so horrendous that Robin Williams couldn’t even save the film. And you have a decent plot to boot, no matter what the critics say.

Dear Plans and Dreams,
Eric and I really love spending time talking to you.  Both of you are so very exciting!  We better hang out in small doses though, or else we’re bound to get carried away…

Letter to My North Face Beanie

8 01 2010

Dear Dearly Departed North Face Beanie,

I’m sorry that I dropped you on the way in to work this morning.  Once I figured out you were gone I searched high and low to no avail.  I’m seriously bummed that you are gone for good.  You were so nice, warm and soft.  We’ve been many great places together, as I’m sure you remember.  Ah well, it’s over.

My sincerest wish is that whoever found you either really needed a warm hat or that finding such a treasure as yourself made their entire year.  I hope you move on and have a marvelous life and that you understand as I move on as well.  I took my first step towards that this evening as I purchased your identical twin on the North Face online store.  We hit it off and I think there is definitely a future there.  May the same be true of you and your new owner.

Warmest wishes,

Kara “Sky” McGinty

Little Letters Part IV

23 11 2009

Dear Eric’s Car,
You’re probably not feeling very good or pretty since the accident Saturday morning, and that’s understandable.  I’m terribly sorry that you were hit like that.  But never fear, I can assure you that the body shop is working hard to make you look as good as new.

Dear Thanksgiving,
I’m excited to see you again and I believe we will enjoy our time together.  And please make sure your friends Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Rolls, and Pie come along with you, I greatly miss them.  However, I do not intend to eat so much food that I feel like a giant, uncomfortable, sleepy balloon.  Just sayin’. 

Dear Writing Journal,
My apologies that I snubbed you this weekend for my date with the handmade cards.  We will have some quality time very soon, I promise.

Dear Blind Side, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and New Moon,
Eric and I are planning on visiting you at some point, hopefully after most of your other friends and fans leave.  We’re just picky like that.

Dear Eric’s Parents,
Happy anniversary and congrats on 35 years of marriage!  Thank you for being such a great model of a loving relationship.  (And happy birthday to Eric’s Mom!)

Dear Books,
I am looking forward to reading every last one of you.  Yet you are all so unique, beautiful, and diverse, how am I to choose who goes first?  Maybe you could just line up or stack yourselves in whatever order you desire, that way I won’t hurt your feelings.

Dear Christmas Decorations,
I know you are all probably dying (figuratively speaking) to get out of your boxes now that the Christmas tree is up, but I’m afraid you’ll just have to be patient.  Thanksgiving gets all of the attention this week, it’s her time to shine.  Though, this weekend might be your turn.

Little Letters Part III

9 10 2009

Dear McCann’s Irish Oatmeal,
Thanks for always being smooth, friendly, and warm, especially now that the Autumn chill has arrived.  You always hit the spot.

Dear Sun,
I miss spending more time with you.  Do you really have to leave so soon these days?

Dear “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,”
Eric and I really enjoyed watching you the other evening.  You are so cute and funny I think we both sat there the whole time with smiles plastered on our faces.

Dear October,
What’s with all of the coldness?!  Is there an identity crisis going on here?  Are you and November trading personalities or something?

Dear Husband,
I cannot even begin to say how much I appreciate the help in cleaning up the house this week.  You rock my socks off!  No, really, I’m not even wearing socks right now.

Dear SBU,
Hope you have an excellent Homecoming weekend!  Go Bearcats!

Dear Electric Fireplace,
You and I will spend a lot of quality time together this weekend, just a heads up.

Dear Columbus Day,
It beats me how you managed to give me a whole day off work, but I’m quite thankful for it.  Now to figure out how to best spend that day…

Dear Crafting Projects,
We will work together again soon, this is a promise.  In fact, we might meet with the Electric Fireplace tonight since he’s just so nice.

Little Letters Part II

15 08 2009

Dear Headscarves,
I’m sorry that I forgot how cute you make me feel.  Let’s take our relationship to the next level, shall we?

Dear Vacation,
I am so excited for you to visit!  I hope the time Eric and I spend with you will prove to be refreshing.

Dear Dust Bunnies,
You better enjoy the next few hours, because you are meeting your doom quite soon.

Dear Husband,
Just so you know, it makes me giggle when you snore in my ear.  Then I always nudge you to make said snoring stop.

Dear Mailperson,
Please stop accidently leaving our mailbox door open.  It’s really not that difficult to shut.  That extra miniscule effort would make all the difference to us, thanks.

Dear Fruits,
You are all so amazing, I don’t know why  Eric and I never hung out with you much before.  Maybe some day we can aspire to have such a great friendship with Veggies (though this is doubtful).

Dear Dad,
Congrats on your lasik surgery!  I hope very soon you are able to see quite well.  It’s great that you had the guts to do exactly what you’ve wanted for so many years.

Dear Rice Milk,
You are much better than I thought you would be!  I’ll probably meet up with you again soon.  Though what is it with you not being fat free?

Little Letters Part I

4 08 2009

I would like to start a part of this blog titled “Little Letters” which is based on an awesome idea from Taza over at rockstar diaries.

Dear Rain,
Thanks for choosing mid-day to fall as opposed to either of my commute times.  It makes my work day just a bit better.  And I must say, you are looking very pretty today.

Dear Husband,
Thanks for your awesome patience, listening, and compromise skills this morning.
A few of the many, many things I love about you!

Dear Muscles,
Please understand that I’m working on being fit so exercise is just a part of the picture from now on.  Now would be a good time to just accept that and stop being mad at me.

Dear Mom,
Thanks for the chats on the phone while I drive to and from work.  It’s nice to talk with you and it helps the time pass so much more quickly.

Dear Apples,
I mostly forgot how much I love you.  Could you please gather a bunch of your friends and family and be in the organic section next time?  Or maybe we could meet at the Farmer’s Market?

Dear August,
Now I know it’s tempting to become all hot and humid, but don’t you think it would actually be a lot lovlier if you just didn’t?  Go ask July, she knows what I’m talking about.

Dear Couscous,
I really like you, and I think you would make a fine addition to our little family, but Eric seems set against you.  Ah well, we’ll always have weekday lunches.

Dear Laundry,
We have a date tonight.  You, me, and the All Free n’ Clear.