7 02 2010

We must confess…we love the Muppets!  Eric recently found that the Muppets have their own YouTube channel: MuppetsStudio.

Here are our two favorites:

“Bohemian Rhapsody”

And “Ode to Joy”

Hope that brought a smile to your face this weekend!


Christmas Cookie Adventures

27 12 2009

While visiting my parents over Christmas we made some Christmas cookies along with the crazy video below…

And here are a few pictures of us making the cookies!

We had tons of fun in our Santa and Reindeer hats and our Christmas-y colors!

A few more Christmas time pictures are on the way!

A Little Christmas Tree Video for Your Enjoyment

20 12 2009
Here’s a little stop-action video of our tree getting put up and being decorated, plus a little added silliness.  Some of the frames are fuzzy, but that’s what makes it special!

Christmas Tree Time 2009

Originally uploaded by kara.mcginty

I got the idea for such a video from Brooke, since she did a brilliant version of it.

You can get to a larger version of the video by clicking the full screen button on the lower right corner of the player on this page or visiting our Flickr page here.

Trains Are Better When We’re Together

14 10 2009

This Monday I had a holiday from work so Eric and I headed to Warrensburg once again to watch for trains and just relax.

It was pretty chilly for early October and the trains were slow in coming at first, but we still had a great time.  While waiting for trains we tried to keep warm, talked a lot, and even ate with my parents in their car at the train depot.

I don’t have much else to say about it, since the pictures do a lot of the talking.
Hope you enjoy our slideshow!

Note: The song we used is “Better Together” by Jack Johnson.

Remembering Reading Rainbow

30 08 2009

Tonight we were saddened by the news that Reading Rainbow will no longer be aired on PBS.  Filming for the show ceased in 2006, but it continued to air on PBS until August 28th, 2009.  Reading Rainbow enchanted viewers, kids and adults alike, for 26 years.

We both remember watching the show and loving every moment.  Reading Rainbow played a big role in expanding our knowledge and love of books.  And that theme song never got old.

Reading RainbowOne thing is for sure, we are going to make sure that our future kiddos are exposed to the joys of Reading Rainbow, even if that means buying a DVD box set.  Yet we’re still hoping that someday it will return to the small screen due to the outcry of other Reading Rainbow fans out there.

You will be greatly missed, Reading Rainbow, but you will always be in our hearts.  Thank you so much for sharing new books, ideas and places with us.  And LeVar Burton, you rock.

Eric and His New Toy

23 08 2009

Here’s Eric as he opened his brand new Macbook Pro!
You can tell how excited he was!