Good Day Off

18 01 2010

Today was a holiday and tomorrow is Eric’s first day of his last semester for his Bachelor’s degree.  So, Eric and I made sure to enjoy our day of freedom.  We slept in, enjoyed a couple of locally made smoothies and watched “Leap Year.”  We both laughed a fair amount during the movie and thought it was really cute.  Might share more about that later.

Today was a very good day.  Hopefully tomorrow will be too, but that’s a whole different kind of “good”.

We hope your days are good as well.


Little Letters Part V

12 01 2010

Dear January,
I understand how you have a cold-hearted nature, but please, could you keep it at least in the upper 20’s? Winter in Missouri should not feel like winter in North Dakota, Canada, or Iowa for that matter.

Dear Desk,
I’m looking forward to you coming to stay with us once again. My apologies for thinking that I didn’t need you over the last few months, but hopefully you had a fine time during your holiday with my parents. May our friendship pick up right where it left off.

Dear Sherlock Holmes,
You alluded us last night, but we will catch you this week if it’s the last thing we do! Mwahaha!

Dear Eric’s Final Semester of Undergrad,
Don’t take this too personally, but you appear rather demanding and not much fun at all. We hope Eric’s partnership with you will be as quick and as painless as possible. Our friend Summer keeps begging us to visit, but we have to spend our alotted time with you first.

Dear Avatar,
I find it funny how people have compared you to the Ferngully. But, they are rather mistaken, you really are much better than that. You see, Ferngully’s musical numbers were so horrendous that Robin Williams couldn’t even save the film. And you have a decent plot to boot, no matter what the critics say.

Dear Plans and Dreams,
Eric and I really love spending time talking to you.  Both of you are so very exciting!  We better hang out in small doses though, or else we’re bound to get carried away…

Going to a Switchfoot Concert!

10 01 2010

Switchfoot has been one of my favorite bands for a long time now.  They call themselves “San Diego Rock” and are often categorized as alternative or even Christian rock.  Their sound is great, always.  Their lyrics tend to carry good meaning.  And if that wasn’t enough they are heavily involved in artistic and activist/charitable work.  Put that all together and you have one extremely awesome band, to say the least.  I’ve seen them twice in concert.  The first time was a long time ago when the band was still starting out and the second was a few years ago.  And let me just say, they put on a superb show.

Well, we got word a few days ago that Switchfoot is going to play in St. Louis in February.  Eric and I have waited somewhat impatiently for Switchfoot to come to good ol’ Missouri, so the moment the tickets went on sale for this concert we seized the opportunity bought two.

We are beyond excited to go see Switchfoot!  Pictures will definitely be taken and stories told.  Though, I don’t plan on living behind the camera this time around, I have to make sure to enjoy the music and the moment as well.

So, all of this to say, we’re counting down the days…

*Pictures found on Switchfoot’s Official Site.

Letter to My North Face Beanie

8 01 2010

Dear Dearly Departed North Face Beanie,

I’m sorry that I dropped you on the way in to work this morning.  Once I figured out you were gone I searched high and low to no avail.  I’m seriously bummed that you are gone for good.  You were so nice, warm and soft.  We’ve been many great places together, as I’m sure you remember.  Ah well, it’s over.

My sincerest wish is that whoever found you either really needed a warm hat or that finding such a treasure as yourself made their entire year.  I hope you move on and have a marvelous life and that you understand as I move on as well.  I took my first step towards that this evening as I purchased your identical twin on the North Face online store.  We hit it off and I think there is definitely a future there.  May the same be true of you and your new owner.

Warmest wishes,

Kara “Sky” McGinty

Welcome Frank!

2 01 2010

Meet Frank the Script Typewriter.

Isn’t he handsome?

Frank Navasky joined our family right before Christmas.  He waited patiently for a new typewriter ribbon so he could appropriately introduce himself and I finally got around to fixing him up this weekend (and got lots of ink all over my hands in the process).

You can find his letter below.

Click here for a larger version of the letter.

Indeed, you will be seeing more of Frank and Nancy here on the Muse and Murse blog.  Nancy also got a new ribbon for Christmas and is excited to type to you all once again!

Christmas Cookie Adventures

27 12 2009

While visiting my parents over Christmas we made some Christmas cookies along with the crazy video below…

And here are a few pictures of us making the cookies!

We had tons of fun in our Santa and Reindeer hats and our Christmas-y colors!

A few more Christmas time pictures are on the way!

Christmas Scenes from Our Home

23 12 2009

Here are a few pictures of the Christmas decorations around our home.

Our little woodland tree and reindeer.

The electric fireplace, nativity and stockings.

Our Playmobil nativity set.

The Christmas tree (and presents we are going to give).

And the Christmas tree in the dark.

Hope you enjoyed the little seasonal tour!

Have a marvelous Christmas week from the Muse and Murse!

All pictures can be found on our Flickr photostream.

P.S.-That final picture was taken during our visit to Big Cedar.  That’s not our house, haha.